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1. Choose the right answer:

a) Soft skills are gained by educational learning at universities
b) Hard skills are skills like empathy or effective communication
c) Soft skills are not important for a virtual call center agent
d) Soft skills are a term often associated with an EQ (Emotional)

2. Which one of these options includes important parts of empathy?

a) Choosing the right words, voice tone and speed of speech
b) Being quality and process oriented
c) Being patient, flexible, caring, and open-minded
d) Being pushy and persuasive

3. The mirror technique is an effective learning method used in the chapter ……….

a) Good communication skills
b) Being empathic
c) Effective problem solving
d) Being process oriented

4. How can you improve attention to detail in the workplace? Mark the incorrect answer.

a) Avoid multitasking
b) Go on breaks
c) Eliminate distractions
d) Work continuously for 8 hours

5. To achieve a successful result by persuading, you …….

a) Need to be pushy
b) Need to listen carefully
c) Do not need to do any research, if you know your customer before you call him
d) Need to give your negative experience with product or service you offer

6. Time Management Matrix divided ……

a) Daily activities into 2 groups
b) Daily activities by importance and severity
c) Yearly goals into 4 groups
d) Life goals by importance into 4 groups

7. Which option is not one of the 4 steps needed by problem solving?

a) Listen and identify the problem
b) Offer alternative solutions
c) Execution and follow-up
d) End the call

8. Choosing the right words in the communication means that you should use ….

a) Trigger-words
b) Passive verbs
c) Personal pronouns
d) Offensive words

9. As Virtual Call Centre Agent it is necessary to:

a) Be flexible, empathic, and rude
b) Be patient, quality oriented and open-minded
c) Be pushy, caring, and confident
d) Be efficient, process oriented and indifferent

10. At achieving process-oriented approach, it is not important to

a) Analyze previous calls and suggest possible improvements
b) Be self-disciplined
c) Develop your own workflow, daily limits, and number of calls
d) Not train your communication skills and not use your time to talk to the customer more effectively

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