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You have enrolled yourself for Readiness Test for your "Soft Skills Required to Work in the Virtual Call Centre" Module. Here are the questions to assess yourself. Results will be made known only to you and our project's assessors, who will keep all your information and results at utmost confidential and never share them with third parties.

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The VirtualCall Project Team

1. Do you think soft skills are important for working in a Call center?

a) Yes
b) No
c) Maybe sometimes
d) I am not sure

2. Do you have a general knowledge of the soft skills you need to have as a potential Call center representative?

a) I've never heard about soft skills
b) I am not sure
c) Yes
d) No

3. Do you think a quality-oriented employee can bring better results when working in Virtual Call program?

a) Yes
b) It is possible
c) I have no idea
d) It's all about how fast it is

4. How are you at communicating with people?

a) I don't like to communicate
b) I only communicate with people I know
c) I like to communicate with people and I'm good at it
d) I don't know

5. When working with customers, it is necessary to communicate a lot and solve various situations, do you think that you are patient enough for such work?

a) No, I am not
b) I have no experience with this
c) Yes, I am
d) I am not sure

6. How well do you handle emotionally tense situations?

a) I have a bit of a problem with that
b) Very well, I have experience
c) I can't handle it
d) I don’t. know

7. Do you consider yourself an empathetic person?

a) It depends on the situation
b) Yes
c) No
d) Not really

8. Do you know what effective problem solving is all about?

a) I have no idea
b) I've heard a little about it
c) Yes
d) I am not sure

9. Can creativity help solve customer problems in the call center?

a) Yes, creativity is one of the steps in the process of effective problem solving
b) I don't think creativity has any influence on that
c) I don't know
d) No

10. Can the speed of speech of a call center agent have an impact on the success of a customer call?

a) The faster the better
b) I don't think the speed of speech has any bearing on it
c) Yes, the information you say quickly is not easy for the customer to understand
d) No, it's still supposed to be a quick phone call

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