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You have enrolled yourself for Readiness Test for your "Technology and Process of the Management " Module. Here are the questions to assess yourself. Results will be made known only to you and our project's assessors, who will keep all your information and results at utmost confidential and never share them with third parties.

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The VirtualCall Project Team

1. Do you want to work from home?

a) Yes
b) I'm undecided
c) I think it might be difficult in my circumstances
d) No

2. Have you reviewed the options for working from home before?

a) Yes
b) Not yet
c) Do I need to review?
d) No

3. Is being a call center representative from home an attractive option for you?

a) Definitely yes
b) I don't know if it's possible
c) I'm not sure
d) No

4. Do you think it is necessary to know the technical terms of call centers in the VirtualCall training program?

a) Yes
b) No
c) I'm not sure
d) I guess I can learn later

5. Do you think developments in technology are relevant to your potential future job?

a) Yes
b) Depends on the sector I will work in
c) No
d) I have no idea

6. Do you have a general knowledge of the technical terms you need to know as a potential Call center representative?

a) Yes
b) No
c) I never thought
d) I could not find any source on this subject

7. Are you interested in technological developments?

a) No
b) Yes, I follow as much as possible
c) The concept of technology is repulsive to me
d) Sometimes

8. Have you learned about the technical equipment that will be presented to you as a call center representative candidate?

a) I never thought about it
b) Yes
c) No
d) I get information when I start work

9. Do you think you have the necessary qualifications to be a successful Call Center representative?

a) Yes
b) I don't know about the necessary qualifications required
c) I am not sure
d) No

10. Do you think the call center representative job has a future?

a) Definitely yes, although changing, is not disappearing
b) I have no idea
c) I do not think so
d) Definitely no

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