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The VirtualCall Project Team

1. The tendency to work from home has increased rapidly in pandemic conditions. Do you think that at the end of this process, the tendency and rate of working from home will decrease and your chances of working from home will decrease?

a) Yes
b) No
c) I can't predict exactly
d) Depends on the conditions

2. Do you think it is difficult for you to meet the necessary conditions to be a call center employee?

a) Yes
b) Depends on the sector I will work in
c) No
d) I have no idea

3. Is it necessary to receive training for customer representation in the call center sector?

a) Required in some cases
b) Yes
c) No
d) Never

4. Do you need to be familiar with call center management principles?

a) No
b) Yes
c) If I am preparing for a managerial position, I must
d) It would be a waste of time

5. Do you feel ready to work with the shift system?

a) I have no idea about the system
b) Yes
c) No
d) I will think when the time comes

6. Have you learned about the opportunities or conditions offered for a virtual employee in the call center?

a) No, I never thought
b) Do I need to know?
c) Yes, I have certain knowledge
d) I could not find any information on this subject

7. Do you think that technological developments will increase your productivity in your work?

a) I know what I'm going to do, the rest doesn't matter
b) Depends on the circumstances
c) Absolutely yes
d) No

8. Do you have any idea why women work from home more than men?

a) I think the rates of men or women working from home are similar
b) I have no idea about it
c) A significant part of the female population consists of inactive women who want to work but cannot work due to their household obligations
d) Working from home is more comfortable and easier for women

9. Have you received any preliminary information about the rights of call center employees?

a) No
b) Yes
c) I get knowledge if I start working
d) I think that the employees have not received their rights already

10. Do you think the VirtualCall management process training will contribute to you?

a) No
b) Yes
c) I'm not sure
d) Can contribute after starting work

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