1. Introduction
2. Essentials of working at home
3. Working in Call Centres
4.Independent Contractor / Employee positions in the sector
5. Virtual Call Centre Representative job description
6. What Does a Virtual Call Centre representative do?
7. Virtual Call Centre representative responsibilities
8. Before Setting Up: Virtual Call Centre Home Office Requirements
9. Home office & equipment setup
10. Investment and running cost estimates
11. Virtual Call Centre Agent Salary / work Schedule
12. The Pros and Cons of Start Working a Virtual Call Centre Business
13. Types of Call Centres for Work from Home Jobs (types of call centre work)
14. Choosing the right sector in the virtual call area
15. Searching and finding a job in the virtual call industry (Base on Country Reports)
16. Preparing the CV of the Call Centre Representative
17. Having knowledge about Legal, Compliance, and Standards (within EU legalisation)


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