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The inactive women population in the core and offering free and open source training system containing continuous learning opportunity; is one of the innovative practices in a digital era. Based on this approach, VirtualCall is a great opportunity for women’s employability promotion from many aspects; however, needs to be well tailor-designed for fulfilling expectations (and extrapolations) to become solutions to existing problems and be working realities for inactive women. Our further approach puts the 'inactivity' fact/problem in the core, which even suppresses 'unemployment' trouble of women both in Turkey and EU; given the fact that 'women inactivity' based on family/caring responsibilities including elderly care is forming around 45,0% of the total population in Turkey and 8.2% of the total population in Europe. Rates are 73.0% and 25.7% respectively within the 'total inactive populations' (Latest data 2018; Eurostat), further demonstrating the gender inequality in this respect. Moreover, life expectancy is increasing year by year meaning more elderly care will be needed in the future, and inevitably will increase the inactivity rate of esp women.


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