Aims and Objectives

► Make use of the available digital technologies for teaching and learning as well as actually working at a later stage after completion of the e-learning phase. That is, the whole activity will be in a virtual environment via smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

► Bring the women into the employment world even there exists no hope for full-time employment, as an inactive person.

► Realize the awareness of Inactive women of possible virtual job position of being a call center operator, through which they may have a talent, skills, and/or hidden competencies; but they may have never thought about performing this particular work.

► Women to become a home-based working call center operators/agents or even become micro-entrepreneurs selling call center services online, the whole scenario to contribute to Turkish and European economic growth in parallel to sustainable growth horizon by increasing employability.


AI and Automation Enhancing Performance

Phil Jordan at Sabio explores how AI & Automation are already delivering enhanced contact centre advisor performance. Over the last few...


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How did you find us?

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