Overview - The Idea

The starting point of VirtualCall idea is that in all the contemporary countries, the main macro-economic target is to reach the full employment level and make efficient use of resources and especially of human resources. Unemployment or inactivity means that scarce human resources are not being used. Eurostat statistics show that unemployment/inactivity is mainly gender-specific and women have been more affected by unemployment/inactivity than men. Wastes of human resources are more costly especially when "work experienced" women do not work. We choose to focus particularly on women, who cannot work due to several personal life limits, although they want to work.

Hence, the philosophy of this project and portal is the verification of employment channels where someone can actually talk about “an advantage of being at home in this unique virtual business channel” and develop an efficient and effective e-Training model and material for inactive women to become e-entrepreneur at their homes by receiving the valuable support of their guides.


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How did you find us?

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